McDowell Academy for Innovation

MAI Weekly Staff Meeting- meet in cafeteria

April 12

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  1. Each week, two teachers will report out to the entire group about their STEM efforts.

    1. What they have done and plan to do.

    2. Focus of presentations

      1. The general nature of the lessons

      2. What makes the lessons STEM

        1. Interdisciplinary connections – what are they 

        2. Engineering Process application – how was this done

        3. Focus on STEM careers (Science, Math, Health and PE only) – which careers and how presented

      3. For lessons already taught – specific elements that worked well and elements that need to be adjusted (along with ideas how to make the adjustments)

      4. For lessons that are yet to be taught – any elements of the lesson that they think will be the strongest and any elements of the lesson that they are unsure of and are seeking input from others to perhaps enhance the element.

      5. Ideas for other lessons to be developed either this year or next year.

    3. Opportunities for discussion with the faculty during and/or after the presentation

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