Barbara Dyer
K-6th grade teacher

Associate in teaching
Graduate from Mars Hill University


At Old Fort Elementary, Barbara Dyer began her life long career as a fifth grade teacher after many years as an instructional assistant.  She earned her degree through Mars Hill University, located in Mars Hill, N.C.. Mrs. Dyer worked during the day as an instructional assistant at Old Fort Elementary and attended Mars Hill at night. She was a single parent with two young girls. They were seven and fourteen at the time. Mrs. Dyer’s dedication truly shines through her efforts to be the best mother and student that she could be. 

After graduation in 2010, Mrs. Dyer was hired as a fifth grade language arts teacher at Old Fort school. She worked long hours getting her first classroom ready. It was important to her that it be a happy and inviting place for students to learn and grow. 

Mrs. Dyer has taught fifth grade as well as fourth for eight years now. She has been successful in her teaching with showing growth and outstanding test scores each year. Mrs. Dyer knows that test scores are not what makes a student but lets her know that she is doing something right in her teaching. She also knows that building strong relationships with her students is very important in teaching. Mrs. Dyer’s commitment to excellence has been ingrained into her students, which has shown not only in her outstanding test scores, but her respect from present students as well as past.


Mission Statement:

My mission as a teacher is to instill courage, dedication and the belief that they can achieve anything if they set their minds to it. I will treat everyone fairly, equally and as unique individuals. I will try to help them find the desire to be lifelong learners and problem solvers. I will also be a great role model and show them the importance of a great education.