McDowell Connect Academic Requirements

Program Requirements: 

To access different aspects of NCVPS/MCS virtual programs,  it is recommended that you have access to:  

  • Chromebook

Student Requirements for Success:

Here are some essential qualities for students to succeed in online learning:

  • Self-Motivation
  • Ability to work independently and maintain focus
  • Strong time management abilities
  • Willingness to seek help when needed, proactively addressing challenges
  • Active engagement with computer-based media
  • Consistent submission of assignments within deadlines
  • Responsiveness to requests from teachers and parents
  • Proficiency in basic computer skills, including email, web navigation, and word processing
  • Access to support at home and a conducive environment for studying
  • Availability of transportation to McDowell High School if academic assistance is required

Parent Requirements for Success:

Here are some tips for parents to support their child's online learning:

  • Set up a quiet, distraction-free workspace for your child.
  • Establish a daily schedule for schoolwork and prioritize it.
  • Ensure your child has the necessary tools for academic success, such as supplies and internet access. Monitor their progress in each course and offer assistance when needed.
  • Stay positive, show interest, and be available and supportive.
  • Engage in daily conversations with your child to stay updated on their progress and well-being. Provide any required academic tools, such as headphones with a microphone or a graphing calculator, and be alert to signs of stress or frustration.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.