Our History, Purpose, and Future

Welcome to West Marion Elementary in Marion, NC

West Marion Elementary Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement: 

To Ignite a Passion for Lifelong Learning: We will ignite within our students a passion for life-long learning, partnering with all of our stakeholders: students, staff, parents, and community in order to fully reach the academic and career potential of each student.

We will actively engage our students in Twenty-first Century Learning skills by using a variety of learning modalities and utilizing technology; while emphasizing diversity and global awareness.

We will nurture our students’  bodies physically, through concrete help with food and clothing when needed, and by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. We will nurture them emotionally through character education, guidance, and support of family where needed. We will hold ALL stakeholders to high standards. We will encourage responsible citizenship by developing awareness of and demonstrating good earthly stewardship practices.We will provide a safe, orderly, bully-free environment in order to maximize learning for all students.

Hear us ROAR!

Mission Statement:

To ignite our students with passion to become lifelong learners and prepare them to be competitive 21st century citizens of a global society. We will ignite in our students a passion for learning, enabling them to gain the necessary academic skills to graduate from high school, and to pursue college and/or career choices that will provide successful options for them to be productive members of a 21st Century society.

Core Values:

Partnering with stakeholders

Actively engaged

Nurturing minds and bodies

Technology of the 21st century

High expectations

Earthly stewards

Responsible citizens

Safe environment