Student Services Survey

Student Services Survey

All McDowell County students are asked to complete a confidential survey. Both virtual and in-person learners will need to complete the survey by Friday, October 2nd. If your student is an in-person learner, your student may have the opportunity to do it during a class lesson. West McDowell Middle School Teachers will be providing the survey to students while live streaming. They will record the Livestream so that all students can access the information for the survey. All students can access the survey by visiting and entering their student ID as their "Access Code." 

Proctor Guide (Virtual Classroom): This guide is a script and instructions that can be used to facilitate survey-taking in a virtual classroom setting.

Here are links with additional information and support:

Survey Taking Help for Students: This video is designed for a student audience, and can be sent to students themselves to guide them through their survey if they are taking it from home (as a homework assignment, etc.).

If any students or teachers have difficulty accessing the survey, please reach out to for support.