McDowell Academy for Innovation is a STEM early college created in 2018. Students take college classes through a partnership with McDowell Technical Community College (MTCC).  Students are eligible to earn a variety of STEM-focused degrees, diplomas, or certificates, which are listed below.  In 2021, after three years on our Lukin Street campus, MAI moved to the campus of MTCC.  



Misson Statement

At McDowell Academy for Innovation, every student will experience personalized education and graduate ready for college and career with a network of connections and experiences preparing them for their role in a global economy.


Vision Statement

Students at MAI will have:

  1. Authentic and connected high school and college learning opportunities extending beyond the traditional high school campus that may include MTCC, NCSSM, service learning, job shadowing, externships and/or apprenticeships.
  2. Flexible scheduling options.
  3. A voice in their learning environment where they are truly connected to professionals and their peers.
  4. Choice in skill acquisition.
  5. Time to reflect, learn deeply, and self-assess for continuous improvement.
  6. High expectations for critical thought, design, and problem solving.


Common Instructional Framework

Everyday, every student will read, write, think, speak, collaborate, and make a product.