McDowell Academy for Innovation is a small Cooperative Innovative High School, created in 2018, where students take college classes through a partnership with McDowell Technical Community College (MTCC).  Students are eligible to earn a variety of STEM-focused degrees, diplomas, or certificates.



Misson Statement

At McDowell Academy for Innovation, every student will experience personalized education and graduate ready for college and career with a network of connections and experiences preparing them for their role in a global economy.


Vision Statement

Students at MAI will have:

  1. Authentic and connected high school and college learning opportunities extending beyond the traditional high school campus that may include MTCC, NCSSM, service learning, job shadowing, externships and/or apprenticeships.
  2. Flexible scheduling options.
  3. A voice in their learning environment where they are truly connected to professionals and their peers.
  4. Choice in skill acquisition.
  5. Time to reflect, learn deeply, and self-assess for continuous improvement.
  6. High expectations for critical thought, design, and problem solving.

Common Instructional Framework

Everyday, every student will read, write, think, speak, collaborate, and make a product.