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Welcome to the school nurse page!

My name is Melissa Newton and I am the School Nurse for McDowell Academy for Innovation and Glenwood Elementary School. I have been blessed to work as a registered nurse since 2003, with my school nurse career beginning in 2014. I obtained my BSN from Winston-Salem State University in 2006 and my National Certification in School Nursing in 2016. I thoroughly enjoy working as a nurse in the school setting and look forward to a healthy school year!

Medication Policy:

If your child needs medication during the school day (prescription or over the counter), their healthcare provider will need to fill out a medication form. You may request this form from the nurse or print a form from the link at the bottom of this page. A new medication form must be filled out for each school year. Students are not allowed to self carry medications, with the exception of emergency medications (ie: inhalers, epipens, insulin, etc). After the medication form has been completed by a healthcare provider, an adult needs to bring the medication to school. Medications must be in the original bottle or container and properly labeled with the student's name.

*If your child needs medication at school and a medication form is not on file, a parent or guardian will need to come to school and administer the medication.

Contact Information:

MAI Office Hours:

Thursday & Friday

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Telemedicine applications and medication forms can be printed from the links below. Please return completed forms to the school nurse.