The first week will be staggered enrollment for the students. 

The day your student attends will be determined by your 911 address that you gave the school.  It is as follows:

Monday -  Group A -addresses ending in 1,3,5 
Tuesday -  Group A - addresses ending in 7,9 
Wednesday - Group B - addresses ending in 0,2,4 
Thursday - Group B -=  addresses ending in 6,8 
Friday- Remote Learning Day for all students.
So students who will be in-person learning will only attend school 1 day next week. Then group A will return to school on Monday, Aug 24th and group B will return to school on Monday, Aug 31st.

This information can be found on the school and district websites.

Also, if your student is planning on participating in remote learning and you have not notified the school, please let us know by this Friday, August 14, so we may prepare the resources needed.