New Face Covering Policy

New Face Covering Policy

A new face coverings decision process was approved by the Board of Education on Monday night and goes into effect next week. The decision for face coverings being required or optional will be made each Friday for the following week's status.

The decision will be based on the 14-day COVID-19 community positivity rate for the county.  We are using the COVID-19 Data Dashboard that is provided and maintained by McDowell Emergency Management and the Foothills Health District.  If the two week average is at or below 5%, then face coverings will be optional for the following week.  If the two week average is above 5%, then face coverings will be required for the following week. 

It is important to note that face coverings are one part of a layered approach to COVID-19 prevention efforts.  All other protocols and strategies remain in place.  Anyone not wearing a face covering and not vaccinated does face increased potential for being quarantined should there be an exposure to someone who is positive.  We welcome individuals to continue wearing face coverings as they see fit and encourage each family to make an informed personal decision during the weeks where face coverings are optional.

Based on the data reported on November 12, the current 14-day positivity rate for the county is 3.7%.  This means that face coverings will be optional for the week of November 15-19 in all McDowell County Schools facilities for students, staff, and visitors.  

Face coverings for all school bus occupants are still mandatory based on federal guidelines.  Please help us by making sure students have a face covering before getting on the bus each day. 

The next decision for face coverings will be made on Friday, November 19.