Do you want to feel really good about yourself? Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life? It’s easy. Just become a volunteer at Glenwood Elementary. We need you! We will listen to your interests and needs, then try to match you with a need within the school. If you have one hour per week or 20, you can help our school and students grow.

Current volunteer requests from Glenwood teachers:

  • Tutor reading (don’t be afraid to try this!)
  • Listen to children read or read to children 
  • Play math and literacy games with kindergartners
  • Tutor math
  • Interpret for, tutor, and befriend Hmong-speaking students
  • Help with various school activities (field day, PTO activities, Scholastic Book Fairs)
  • Eat lunch with students
  • Help teachers with clerical work in the classroom (laminating, displaying children's work on bulletin boards, making copies, etc)

If you have a special skill (such as story-telling, pottery-making, gardening, or sewing) or special knowledge (such as geology, the Holocaust, horticulture, swing-dancing), please tell us! Glenwood Elementary would love to put your name on our list of volunteers to be a possible resource for teachers. Please share your talents with the children of Glenwood Elementary.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or for more information, contact the school at 738-4220.