McDowell County Schools

Notice of Health Care Services 

McDowell County Schools strives to provide a school environment which focuses on educating the whole child.  Listed below are the health services available within McDowell County Schools. 

Physical Health:

  • Emergency Action Plans for asthma, allergic reactions, seizures, and any other known student medical condition.* 
  • Individualized health plans for chronic illness*
  • Telemed services with Health e Schools*
  • Diabetic care*
  • Medication administration*
  • Smile Dental services*
  • Coordination of with scheduling doctor appointments, etc.*
  • Basic first aid care
  • Sick visits
  • Head lice checks*
  • Dental Screening*
  • Vision Screening*- Annually screen students in grades 1,3,5,7 and others as needed.
  • Hearing Screening*

Note: Items with an asterisk (*) are completed with parental consent.  If your child needs to use any of these services, the school nurse or designated school personnel will provide you with any necessary consent forms. 

For grade level vision screens, a written permission form will be sent home with students in those grade levels before any screenings occur. 

MCS school health staff values our partnership with parents.  Staff shall encourage students to talk with their parents or guardians about issues related to their health or well-being. Parents are always welcome to contact your child’s school with any questions related to school health. 

Student Health Forms and Action Plans