End of Year Chromebook Information

End of Year Chromebook Information

9th and 12th graders:

Students attending in-person classes: On Thursday and Friday of this week (May 27 and 28), your child teacher should be scheduling class time for them to return their Chromebook and charger. Their classroom teacher will help them do a check on their device in the classroom before they turn it in. They must be prepared to return their device during their classroom's scheduled date/time.

If your student is fully remote, they will need to plan on returning their device and charger no later than Wednesday, June 2. Your student will need to use the sign-up form to schedule a time to bring in their device to be checked and turned in. The form is located at bit.ly/mhscbreturn

If your child has summer school or Drivers Ed classes, he/she will still need to go through the check-in process, at that time we will renew their device to allow them to keep their Chromebook over the summer until finished with those classes.

10th and 11th graders:

McDowell County Schools will be allowing your 10th and 11th grader to keep his/her MCS issued Chromebook over the summer. 

With this in mind:
Please make sure that your child keeps their device regularly charged and updated over the summer.

Please make sure your child is continuing to take care of the Chromebook and keepingit safe.

If your child is currently having any issues with his/her device or it is damaged causing it to not work properly, your child will need to bring it into the MHS Media Center/Innovation Arena within the next 2 weeks, so we can get it repaired over the summer and ready for your child to use in the upcoming school year.