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school health services

Medication Policy:

If your child will need medication during the school day (both prescription or over the counter), a medical provider will need to complete a green medication administration form. You may request this form in the nurse's office or print a form from the right side of this web page. A new medication form must be filled out each new school year. Children may not self-carry medications to school, with the exception of Emergency medications (ex: Inhalers, Epipens, Insulin, etc.). Medications must be in the original bottle or container and properly labeled with the student’s name. 

** If your child needs medication at school and a green medication form is not on file; a parent or guardian must come to the school to administer the medication.**

Special Diet Request:

For your child to receive a special diet at school for breakfast or lunch, a physician’s order is required. Forms are available upon request from the school nurse.


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Medication forms and EAP (EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN) forms can be found below and may be printed from here and returned to the school nurse: