Hello! My name is Kendra Condrey and I am the speech-language pathologist here at Nebo Elementary. I provide services for children in preschool through 5th grade who have difficulty communicating, which can include the areas of: articulation (how speech sounds are produced), language (understanding and expressing ideas and information), voice and fluency (stuttering).

Speech and language skills are essential to academic success and learning. Language is the basis of communication and learning takes place through the process of communication. The ability to communicate with peers and adults is essential to succeed in school. The goal of speech-language services in the schools is to help students develop appropriate communication skills that will enable students to attain their academic potential.

If you believe your child is exhibiting some difficulty in the area of communication, a request for a screening can be made by contacting your child’s teacher or contacting me at kendra.condrey@mcdowell.k12.nc.us or call 652-4737



Speech Therapist