Our Mission and Vision Statements 


Future-Focused, Student-Centered, Mission-Driven  

Mission Statement

The mission of McDowell County Schools is to deliver excellence in education where students are engaged in collaboration, communication, and innovation so that they graduate ready to achieve success and positively shape the future.

The McDowell County School System embraces the following as its core values and beliefs. Through all district operations and activities, it will . . .

  • Stress the importance of students by making data-driven decisions that
  • establish high expectations for all;
  • create conditions enabling them to learn; and
  • serve their academic, social, emotional, physical, and cultural needs.
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships.
  • Ensure schools are safe, nurturing places where everyone engages in learning with curiosity and excitement.
  • Emphasize the importance of daily attendance by all.
  • Create a culture of achievement for students and adults to –
  • develop both individual and collective talents,
  • maximize and fulfill their potential, and
  • prepare for future success.
  • Establish a collaborative culture resulting from –
  • great customer service,
  • respect and compassion for individual and cultural differences,
  • access for ALL, and
  • a strong work ethic.