Student Services

Welcome to Student Services

The goal of the Student Services Program is to help students be successful in school.

Our School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Nurses, School Based Therapist and McKinney Vento Caseworkers provide a wide range of support and interventions that are designed to enhance and nurture the overall well-being of our students.  

 This team strives to be responsive to the academic, social, emotional and mental health needs of our students. We reach out to the community and agencies in order to form partnerships, secure resources, and help coordinate services for students and families. Through these agencies and partnerships, we offer prevention and interventions that address a wide variety of issues such as drug and alcohol problems and abuse, attendance, truancy, disciplinary concerns, teen pregnancy, physical and behavioral health concerns, homelessness, food insecurity, etc.

Student services also provide assistance and support to our students for academic planning toward post secondary options and goals.




Director of Student Services