Community Book Review

MCS Administrative Book Review  

Community Book Review Information

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for parents and community members desiring to remain apprised of the status of any district library materials currently under review as part of the administrative community book review process.

Procedure 3210: Instructional Material Review and Parent Involvement Procedure 

McDowell County parents and community members wishing to sign up to serve on a materials reconsideration committee are encouraged to fill out the McDowell County Schools Administrative Book Review Committee Interest form.

Parents, your active involvement in understanding what your student is reading is crucial. We encourage you to partner with your children routinely and review the material ahead of time. This proactive approach engages your child in meaningful conversations and aids in their growth and development. Parents wishing to seek additional information about book titles may find many online resources that fit their needs. Below are a few examples of such resources, which provide summaries, reviews, and recommendations.


Common Sense Media 

Did you know that our school libraries are now cataloged online? This means you can easily browse through the vast collection of books available for your children. Follow the link below to access what's available at your child's school. You might even stumble upon your favorite childhood book, ready to be checked out by your child today!

Destiny Discover

If, as a parent, you feel the need to request a reconsideration of any material, we want you to know that we have a straightforward process in place. Your concerns are important to us, and we encourage you to use the following link to address them directly with the school principal. 

Request For Reconsideration Of School Library Materials Form


Books Under Review

The following acronyms are used…

  • MTAC - Media Technology Advisory Council
  • CBRC - Community Book Review Committee
  • PBR - Parents’ Bill of Rights

Book Review Status

  • Removed by the administration to comply with Senate Bill 49
  • On hold for MTAC review
  • Removed by school MTAC
  • MTAC in review
  • MTAC Approved; On hold for CBRC review
  • Removed by CBRC 
  • MTAC & CBRC approved