It is our mission to transport students to and from school safely and on schedule. Safety is our top priority, as McDowell County's 65 School Buses transport approximately 2,600 students over 4,000 miles each day. Efficiency is also important, as it impacts our funding from The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. It is our goal to provide the safest, most reliable, and economical transportation to our students.


If you are in need of bus transportation, contact the school your child attends.  Your child should attend the school in their district.  District assignments are determined by the student's permanent address.  If you have questions about the school district you live in, contact the Transportation Dept. at 828-652-7610.  Any student attending a school out of their district will not be eligible for school bus transportation.  Boundary maps, bus routes and road lists for the high school and each middle school are posted below.  If you are not sure which middle school your child should attend, look at the Road List below and find your road name.  Be sure to have your child at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the expected arrival time.  

*** If your address is Airport Road, your middle school is West McDowell Middle School.  If your address is Fleming Avenue, your middle school is East McDowell Middle School.