Occupational Course of Study

What is the Occupational Course of Study?

  The Occupational Course of Study is one of two ways to achieve an NC diploma. It focuses on functional skills and workplace management.  

Who is eligible for the Occupational Course of Study?

The IEP Team, which includes parents and the student, makes recommendations as to the appropriateness of the Occupational Course of Study for a particular student based on his/her post-school transition needs and goals. Final selection of the Occupational Course of Study is by student and parent choice.  

The Occupational Course of Study consists of the following components

School-Based Enterprise 300 hours

  • Job Fairs/ Clubs
  • VR Work Adjustment*
  • Vocational Assessment Activities
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

Community-Based Training 240 hours

  • Part-time Employment
  • Internships & Apprenticeships
  • Job Shadowing & Co-op Programs
  • Community Service & Work Crews
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Situational Assessment

Competitive Employment 360 hours

  • Supported Employment
  • Chosen Career Pathway

Occupational Course Of Study Benefits

Student Benefits

  • Work skills acquired in school environment as well as business environment
  • Diversity of Career Paths explored
  • Job Coaches on Site
  • Positive Work Ethic Model
  • Employment Opportunity
  • Pre-ETS Opportunity-Pre-Employment Transition Services

Parent Benefits

  • Unity of School & Home Instruction
  • Community Organizations Contact
  • Participation in Career Choice & Employment Search

What Are My Responsibilities As A Parent?

  • Attend IEP Meetings
  • Collaborate with MCS Staff and Community Agency Representatives
  • Provide assistance with transportation for the student to work sites.
  • Discuss appropriate behavior and attitude with student
  • Be sure that the student has proper attire for working or job shadowing at work sites.
  • Encourage successful student involvement and completion of the program.